SAR List

2024-1004 Jan. 12, 2024

Announcement of the Evaluation of DIA's Compliance with the PIIA Fiscal Year 2023

Our objective is to review the Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA's) compliance with the Payment Integrity Information Act and related implementation guidance. We plan to perform this evaluation with the National Capital Region, in accordance with the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency's Quality Standards for Inspection and Evaluation.

Jan. 9, 2024

DIA OIG Semiannual Report to Congress, April 1, 2023 - September 30, 2023

I am delighted to present the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Office of the Inspector General

2024-1003 Jan. 9, 2024

Announcement of the Audit of DIA's Fiscal Year 2024 Financial Statements, Project 2024-1003:

Our objective is to evaluate the reliability of data supporting the financial statements, determine the reasonableness of the statements produced, and examine disclosures in accordance with applicable guidance.

2024-1001 Dec. 22, 2023

Audit of DIA's Utilization of Funds

Our objective is to determine whether DIA continuously applied strategies to optimize the use of funds and took timely monitoring actions to maximize funding of mission requirements.

2023-1003 Nov. 15, 2023

Audit of DIA's Financial Statements for Fiscal Year 2023, Project 2023-1003

We engaged with an independent public accounting (IPA) firm to audit DIA's FY 2023 financial

2020-1001 Sept. 29, 2023

Audit of DIA's Emergency and Extraordinary Expenses Program

Our objective was to determine whether DIA's Emergency and Extraordinary Expenses (EEE) were

2023-2006 Sept. 6, 2023

Announcement of the Inspection of DIA’s Military Equal Opportunity Program

Our objective is to determine the Agency’s compliance with applicable statutory, regulatory, and

2023-1008 Sept. 1, 2023

Announcement of the Audit of DIA’s Efforts to Adopt and Implement Artificial Intelligence Capabilities for Intelligence Collection and Analysis

Our objective is to determine the extent to which DIA’s strategic efforts to timely develop,

2023-1005 Aug. 11, 2023

Evaluation of DIA’s Compliance with the Federal Information Security Modernization Act

Our objective was to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the DIA Information Technology security

2022-1001 June 15, 2023

Audit of DIA’s Modernization of JWICS

Our objective was to determine whether processes for the management of the current Joint Worldwide